Wireless Door Entry Systems disscussion.

With advanced in wireless technology over the years, it has become the norm to have wireless door entry systems for automobiles and in increasing number front doors of homes. These entry systems normally made of two parts, the receiver and the signal generator. The receiver is placed on to the door that is to open and when it receives the signal from the signal generator. Many signal generators use a button press to send the signal but some are constantly sending the signal. Whilst this call sound good and dandy there may be some security concerns with these system. In this example: an van driver has dropped their keys which has a wireless door entry system on it, a crimally minded person then picks up the keys and begins to press the unlock button looking for which vehicle opens. By chance he finds the vehicle and goes to steal the vehicle. Now this van driver luckily has Vehicle chains in order to protect their tools and hard earned money. If the wireless door entry system had open the vaults as well or it they didn't have vaults then the criminal would have made double.

So if you are looking for a wireless door entry system be mindful of all security concerns, and plan to minimise the impact of criminal activity.

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 If you would like to know more about wireless door entry systems and how to install them, please read on.


These systems are comprised of a button fixed by the front door. It is this button that relays any necessary signal to the portable receiver on the other end. Upon receiving the signal, the receiver then broadcasts it in the form of an alert.


These systems can have codes or not. In a case when they don't have codes, there is a card which is fixed to them to do signal emission and later turn to give access through the door. However, you may settle on the coded ones as well. With those, coding is done using some numbers and hence these are what should be keyed in for it to carry on. Once the numbers are keyed in correctly, they trigger an electronic signal to open the door. The better part is that these can be accessed through a computer or any other device, via log in.


Being able to send a signal is the major reason for these wireless systems. Technology has so far advanced and you find that there are wireless door entry systems that work through internet protocol and other devices. With this, it is possible to program users, control access and do much more through online enhancement. This leads to opening of a door lock or its closure from any point where a signal has been sent from. This could be miles away and the effect will of cause be met as required. As long as you have logged in with the correct details, then your mission become accomplished.

However, there is a special website that is meant to cater for these procedures. Through this technology, you become fully in control of your home even when you are not within the vicinity. Actually, you get to control those who enter into your premises. You can even open for them using this technology even when you are not in the house at that particular moment.


These systems are easy to use as long as you have mastered the steps correctly. The secret is to get to know your log in details and try as much not to share these as someone else may try to impose as you. It is also encompassed with audio and you are capable of making a short confirmatory gesture with your visitors before letting them in. Since it does not need any wiring mechanism, it is very easy to set up and use.

This entire scenario needs some skill or basic know how. It is therefore advisable to check out on various features that such a system contains before moving ahead to own one. It has proved to be effective and it would be ideal if many embraced this technology so as to help tighten security measures at various places.